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What does Even One Word Mean?##

Thanks for asking! It comes from a zen saying:

"When you are deluded and full of doubt, even a thousand books of scripture are not enough. When you have realized understanding, even one word is too much." ~Fen-Yang

Okay... so what does that mean?

The meaning of the saying is really up to the viewer, but the way I meant it when I started this site was that we can potentially tell each other every bit of knowledge we have, but unless you are ready to receive that information, you will retain absolutely none of it. If you are looking for knowledge, the words of others may not ever help you. Philosophically, what am I trying to say? That I can only offer my experiences to others, and hope that if they are ever in the same place I was when I wrote those experiences, they’ll get just a little comfort or help from my life experiences.

Who is Nathan St. Pierre?

Nathan St. Pierre is a web developer by trade, a musician by education, a writer by night, and mostly a guy who wishes he could be a legitimate polymath. The problem with that is that he is married and has a full-time job, and no rich patron to pay his bills while he learns things like how to play the lute or automate his house using a toaster and Linux.