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First Thing I Made Wednesday, January 1, 2014

So, I promised I'd start actually DOING stuff with my time with the new year, so here goes: I made a game!

One of the awesome things about the crazy sale that Steam had was selling a super cheap copy of the Game Maker Studio Professional edition. With that, you can publish to Windows and OSX in a few different ways, which is a pretty narrow market but at least it allows you to mess around with some pretty cool stuff to get your game design and development chops up there.

My instinct as a programmer is to just start building a code architecture, but all the guides recommended you start with the drag and drop functionality just to get started. So it worked out, but I was limited to pretty simple functionality. There is a little bit of code in there, but it's just to slow the sprite animation down and flip it around when it moves the opposite direction.

So, without further blabbing, enjoy my first outing, Gotta Start Somewhere;