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Frist p0st! Thursday, February 25, 2010

I know they say you should lead off a new blog or any form of media with a fairly strong indication of the tone that you're going to go with. But I can't help it, I'm a smartass. So maybe it's appropriate, in the end.

After dallying in a variety of technologies, including a failure of a CMS that I wrote myself, I've come full circle back to WordPress. I missed it, and now with Pods and a lot of other ridiculously advanced themes and plugins to this particular beast, I'm fairly certain I'll have plenty to keep myself busy for now. This is only one part of my two-pronged attack, the other is my new blogazine style posts, which should be coming out on an interval between once a month and once every other month. Some will include various miniature applications, media of all kinds and types, and possibly even examples of things that have nothing to do with the various things discussed herein.

And with that: a video of my dog being a bleeding coward: