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New Site! Sunday, November 7, 2010

I've been trying to do this for the last few months, and finally saw enough inspiration to convince me to go ahead with the process of updating my blog template and moving back to a fairly standard wordpress install.


The issue I've found myself combating for the last few months is that I haven't been able to find inspiration to write blogs or work with individual new concepts, and I figured forcing myself to go forward with one would help me grow beyond my current skillset, both in web development and writing. I also needed to work hard to get my skills up in Search Engine optimization, installing Google Analytics and coming up with some new ways of generating traffic. I'd also like to experiment with bringing in some ad revenue, and the best way to do that is to guarantee that you have certain types of traffic, and a new web design can get just that.


Overall, at the very basic level, this blog is about dividing my interests into three main categories: music, web development, and writing. I tend to get the most visits for these three topics, and they happen to be my favorite three things to blog about, so it works out doubly in my favor. There will still be rants about politics, philosophy and so forth... but they will not be the primary focus of my blog. Most individual posts in those categories will be organized using tags, and that will allow people to find things that specifically interest them, either by using the tag cloud on the right side bar or by searching for those tags specifically.


This template was built using an html5 template that I developed myself. It validates (as much as you can validate html5) using the html5 validator on validator.nu. It uses a very minimal number of image resources in order to load more quickly and accessibly for most browsers (four images for the nav, one for my portrait, one for twitter and one for rss, and the background). These images are available on all pages so they maximize the cached amount of resources, and I use CSS3 gradients with solid colors and filter gradients as fallbacks. The widths of the site are dynamic, so it loads comfortably in a large variety of resolutions. I have tested it all the way up to 2400 pixels wide and all the way down to my G1's 640 pixels at wide resolution.


So take a look around, see if you find anything interesting! If you do, comment on it. If you don't, send me an e-mail or comment on something to let me know you'd like to see more!